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  • keyboard_arrow_right “I had all these opportunities passing me with no way of drawing them back in to say that my product is first and foremost a baby carrier,” says Angelique Warner


“I had all these opportunities passing me with no way of drawing them back in to say that my product is first and foremost a baby carrier,” says Angelique Warner

podcast April 8, 2024

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Episode 83:

Guest Name: Angelique Warner

Guest Business: A Warner Idea LLC

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In this episode of Black Businesses Matter, I speak with Angelique Warner, founder and president of A Warner Idea LLC and the visionary behind GoGoVie premium baby carrier. Angelique details her upbringing, describing herself as inquisitive and a dreamer in her childhood. Not only did she dream vividly, but she could also recall her dreams in great detail; these traits proved to be her asset as she went on to become an inventor in her adult life. 

Angelique led a busy life in early motherhood; she was a mother of three small children and ran an in-home boarding school, with up to 17 children in her home at a time. This busyness bore inspiration. When her children became self-sufficient, she embarked on creating a solution to a common parenting challenge: needing a hands-free customizable carrier. She invented the 7-in-1 hybrid sling & buckled carrier, later dubbed GoGoVie. She recounts the journey of patenting and manufacturing her product, as well as refining its name through different iterations. Recognizing a need, Angelique shifted the target audience from mothers to all parents and caretakers.

Angelique Warner is the USA's first Black female to create & manufacture the only patented 7-in-1 hybrid sling & buckled carrier; boasting a 5-in-1 private, hands-free breastfeeding solution. She continues to create purposeful products that help improve healthcare outcomes for babies through babywearing, bonding & breastfeeding & improving the overall quality of life of the user.

If you want to learn more about the process of  inventing and manufacturing your own product of art this is the episode for you! 


  1. What was Angelique like as a child?
  2. What is the inspiration behind GoGoVie? 
  3. The patent process 
  4. Where does she manufacture her products?
  5. What brings Angelique joy?
  6. Why do black businesses matter?

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To connect with Angelique and GoGoVie

Visit the website: https://www.gogovie.com

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Connect with her  on LinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/in/angelique-warner-a2928a33/

Read ‘Successful Women Inventors’: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/secrets-of-successful-women-inventors-edith-g-tolchin/1142591413?ean=9780757005244

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