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How to live Stress-Free with Mo Gawdat & Alice Law

podcast April 29, 2024

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Join Adrienne as she talks to the brilliant minds Mo Gawdat and Alice Law about their new book Unstressable.

Mo Gawdat is an engineer. What most of us see as insurmountable problems he sees as systems overloads to tackle and solve. Unstressable breaks stress into inputs and effects, classifying human stressors as: stress to the mind, stress to emotions, stress to the body, and stress to the soul. Once classified, Gawdat and co-author Alice Law show readers how stress can be predicted―and once predicted, prevented.

Unstressable illuminates for readers how most of us deal with the unpleasant, anxiety-producing and even miserable or tragic events in our lives: stress is always a by-product, leading directly to inability to cope, health problems and cratered confidence. Gawdat and Law guide readers to both heart centred and science-based solutions.

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