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How Salem King Became The Master of Content Creation- EP10 S3

podcast November 3, 2023

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Sometime in 2018, the Nigerian content creation scene on Instagram was taken by storm by a content creator with a vivid black-and-white theme and a passion for coaching other content creators. That content creator was Salem King. 5 years down the line, numerous widely spread videos and several brand deals in the bag, he’s amassed an almost cult-like following with an active community of content creators behind his Instagram account of over 130,000 followers.

On this episode of Tea With Tay, Taymesan sits down with this content creator who doubles as an entrepreneur and life coach, Salem King, exploring his past and present to get a full picture of his origin story and mainstay. It will come as no surprise when Salem reveals that his father loves books to the extent that his childhood bedroom has been converted to a storage for books or that he was that nerdy sharp-witted kid in secondary school who may not have been able to throw a punch but could deflect one with his witty rejoinders. It will however surprise you to find out that for Salem, he’d not signed up to become the household name his brand has grown into and had only been motivated by an innate desire to teach others the things he knows.

As every netizen who has come across Salem’s Instagram page is wont to find out that the content creator is far from the run of the mill with depth and nuggets for days, he likewise makes that clear in no time, sharing wisdom on life, the art of content creation, self-awareness, consistency and self-improvement. In fact, Salem Kinging left Temisan’s couch as the only guest so far to have gotten “offering” from Taymesan. This episode is for anyone who is in search of clarity in whatever area of their life and just like Tay was, prepare to be left in awe of Salem’s brilliance and depth. Enjoy!


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