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How Open Are You? The 14 Day Challenge…

podcast April 29, 2024

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How open are you to changing your relationship with stress and anxiety?
Start breathing with us for 14 days and find out.

Join us totally FREE for the 14 day Mental Detox Challenge on the Open App!
Usernames: goodmomerica + goodmommilah

Click HERE to join.

Hundreds of you meditated with us for their 30 day meditation challenge and we had powerful transformations together. This mid year check in is a powerful 14 day curriculum that will be even more transcending as we come together for daily classes together on the app!

Join our Discord community for daily schedule updates to take classes live together, daily check in’s and a place where we can all hold each other accountable.

Challenge begins May 1st!

Let’s Breathe together!

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