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Hip Hop Albums of the Year 2021 (Part One) | Ep. 122

podcast January 9, 2022 1

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The Crate 808 crew get together to break down their five favourite records from a stellar 2021 in their Patreon livestream in part one of their yearly summary 🍿


Part One:

Part Two:


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Show Notes:

  • Least hip hop thing in the last 24 hours? (02:23)
  • Ray No.5 – Imaginary Everything by L’Orange and Namir Blade (08:08)
  • James No.5 – The YOD Fahim by Your Old Droog and Tha God Fahim (19:25)
  • Kam No.5 – Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Side B by Westside Gunn (23:10)
  • Ray No.4 – HOFFA by Dave East and Harry Fraud (32:35)
  • James No.4 – Camera of Sound by Jazz Spastiks (39:53)
  • Kam No.4 – Half God by Wiki (42:05)
  • Ray No.3 – Coup De Grace by Ransom and Rome Streetz (53:00)
  • James No.3 – Bob’s Son by R.A.P. Ferreira and Scallops Hotel (1:00:30)

Now, the Crate 808 Mailbag – thank you ALL the listeners/viewers who hit us up with some amazing MF DOOM stories, shouts for best football references in rap and a look through the usual staples.


To get involved, email us at with your takes on…


🤔 If you could see one hip hop act perform live (dead or alive), which one and why?

🤯 Tell us your best and worst rap concert stories

🎵 What are the best examples of xylophone and flute hip hop?

⚽️ Found a football reference in rap? THROW IT OUR WAY, we want to hear more!

💥 What are the best guest openers on rap albums?

🤔 Who has the best verse on Jay-Z’s ‘Reservoir Dogs’? Did Young MC use the beat better?

🎻 What are your top 5 rap ballads? 

🎤 What is the BEST Raekwon verse ever and why?

📈 What is Ghostface Killah’s apex?

👽 What song off of ‘Ironman’ would get on a playlist you’d play to an alien to teach it hip hop?

😴 The strangest dreams you’ve had about a rapper

💎 What rapper’s swag would you wear to a wedding, funeral or job interview?

😯 Where’s the weirdest place you’ve met a rapper?

😬 What’s the best AND worst merch you’ve ever bought?

🖋 You have to get a rap song tattooed on you…which one, where and why?

👎 What’s the worst rap beat of 1995?

😭 What’s your best AND worst rap memorabilia?


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