God is ‘It’, and You Are Found.

podcast November 4, 2022

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I catch God peeking at me, from around every corner, from behind every person, situation, and thought, smiling at me, ready to be found, so He can be It, and I can know Him as All.  I Love you, Nik LOVE CHARGING STATION, Live, Daily, Group Practice-  6:30am ET (Spotify LIVE): ▶▶ Support the show: ▶▶ GoOD Mornings merch: ▶▶ Weekly LIVE Meditation, Tuesdays at 7pm ET (FREE on Spotify) ▶▶ _________________________________ Today’s Quotes: “Young children, who have not yet accumulated a lot of stress, exhibit an abundance of energy, enthusiasm, profound joy, and unconditional love. These qualities that manifest spontaneously in an innocent child demonstrate the truest, unadulterated essence of humanness. We are all born with a wellspring of love and joy.  These qualities are not just emotions, they are the essence of our existence. The truth of our essence cannot change, it can only be covered over and hidden from us.” -Sri Sri Ravi Shankar “Your Name is Everything. Hare Rãma. It should be heard, spoken, sung, thought. And yet ultimately it is unheard, unspoken, unsung, unthought. The mantra is the bridge to this unknown. -@gaieasanskrit via IG “Really, if only you have this faith in the Name, you need not struggle to secure the chance to detail to me your desires and wants. I will fulfill them even without your telling me. Have the Nam bright and clear on your tongue, in your mind; and the form symbolised by it before your eye and mental vision-nothing can harm you.” -Shirdi Sai Baba  “As Consciousness is Lifted into Awareness, there is nothing but Harmony. All Life is of God, Infinite Love. Go right to God and stay there.” -Al Denninger

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