Getting you Business Right for Government Contracts part 2

podcast June 29, 2019 1

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In this episode, Adrianne continues to bless us with her knowledge of how small businesses can get contracts and work with the government. In this episode, we go into what the government looks for and what can make a business stand out in the contract building process Here’s what we discuss:

  • The importance of having multiple certifications
  • What to put on your capabilities statement
  • What kind of information you should put on your business cards when approaching the government agencies (yes they should be different than what you already have)
  • What you should put on your capability statement
  • Timelines and cost of getting certified
  • Tips you need to know about accepting payment from the government
  • And a ton of events and resource where you can get more information, come and get free training, and connect with government agencies.

And here are the links Adrianne’s discussed

Book 7 habits of highly effective leadership- Steven Covey

Favorite Quote “Small business is the fabric of our economy”

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