Fall Into Self Series: Ep 4: Generational Trauma, Pt. 1

podcast September 11, 2022

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This week we’re back with Episode 4 of the “Fall Into Self” series, and we’re talking about “Generational Trauma”. Let’s define it and start talking about healing from it. Join us!

Last week’s episode: “Live Life Beyond 40”:

Today’s Guests:

Crissy Diaz (Co-Host)
Crissy is a faith-filled, multi-faceted, passionate goofball. She used to
be a content creator in the earlier days of social media and now her
passions lie in the realm of Real Estate. Currently, working as an
Escrow Officer and studying to become a real estate agent, while
living in sunny Florida. Crissy is a huge mental health advocate and
hopes to one day become a pillar for those who need the space to feel
safe and supported. Her hope is to bring peace, love, and laughter to
any room she enters.

Yolanda Holliday:
Yolanda Holliday is the Founder and CEO of two start-up companies headquartered in Charlotte, NC. Uncorked Smoke, LLC is a wine and cigar experience company featuring wines and cigars produced by Black winemakers and black cigar rollers. Yolanda quickly realized, there is limited representation in the wine marketplace due to lack of distribution opportunities and not lack of interest. This realization birthed Onyx Zealot Distributor, LLC. Onyx Zealot Distributor, LLC is a wine distribution company headquartered
in Charlotte, NC. Which offers opportunities to winemakers who are often excluded in the traditional distribution model.

Christina Randhawa. :
Christina is a funny introvert that grew up as an only child in a black middle class household. She grew up on the east coast in the DMV, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Primarily raised by her father and stepmother in childhood and mother in her adolescent years. Christina has life experience as the black sheep of her family and prides herself on setting boundaries to facilitate semi healthy familial relationships. Her cutoff game is as strong as Beyonce’s fanbase and it’s served her well. Christina is a graduate of Morgan State University (Go Bears!) and holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Telecommunications. She’s currently in her soft life era as she reclaims her time after being an exhausted black woman in the corporate workplace.

IG: mschrissyy

Twitter: mschrissyyyy

Valerie Moses:
Valerie Moses is the founder of Wellness & Wanderlust, a blog and podcast focused on demystifying wellness trends and sharing practical tips for creating your best life. She began her career in community engagement and public relations in 2013 after receiving her bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida, where she later earned her MBA. Now based in Sanford, Florida, Valerie loves to help busy professionals prioritize wellness and self-care through Wellness & Wanderlust. Her writing has been featured in The Financially Independent Millennial, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Insight Magazine, LifeStyleBody and more. When she isn’t at a community event or cheering on the UCF Knights, Valerie can be found exploring the hidden gems of Central Florida.


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