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Everyone understands this Voice when It comes

podcast May 30, 2024

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When given a gift, 

don’t look at your hands, 

don’t look at the gift, 

look at the Giver. 

Listen to the Giver. 

You haven’t even tried to do the works that He told you can do–

greater works than He did. 

You haven’t tried.

You don’t think it’s possible,

but that is just a thought. 

Let the silence show you what’s possible. 

you can say, ‘show me…’,

‘show me Myself’.

And you’ll find Yourself,

as if in the one,

behind the one, 

with her hands raised,

Love raised,

status changed,

name changed. 

Love changes things. 

I Love you, 



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Omar and the Old Poet by Rumi (not Imru’ al-Qays) 

“If even the slightest desire to be free has arisen in you, you should pat yourself on the back, you are very lucky. Billions of lives on this planet don’t have this blessing. They do not even live. They exist, die and dissolve. They are not bored. Even if they are bored, they’re bored about something very small. A little change can make them very comfortable again. So, blessed are those who get bored!” -Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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