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Episode 250: 2021 Recap & Revenue + 2022 Goals & Outsourcing for Success

podcast January 5, 2022

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In this solo episode, I go over the triumphs and challenges of 2021. I share what has made Journey To Launch grow AND why I have been successful in my professional, personal and home life.

I take a look at some key moments in 2021 for the podcast and my career and I lay out what I am looking forward to in the new year.

If you’re ready to be inspired and put your big dreams into action, this episode is for you.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why I was able to scale Journey To Launch in 2021
  • The positives of outsourcing business and personal tasks 
  • The importance of prioritizing your physical, emotional + mental health 
  • Book updates and goals for 2022 + more

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