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Episode 111 | “sorry I love you”

podcast March 14, 2023

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The guys kick this show off talking about being courteous (3:52) then they get into Chris rock’s new stand up (22:23) and debate is pimp chronicles better than seriously funny (26:17) then they get into ja morant (45:15) and if it’s fair to compare his situation to kyrie (53:24) dblock then asks if one bad day in a relationship negates months off good days (1:04:20) is six months to soon to say I love you (1:11:00) and dblock asks daeo if he is condescending (1:20:54) and toxic (1:29:15) then they get into snowfall (1:42:07) bel-air (2:00:00) T.I.’s new song (2:10:48) and daeo ends the show talking about the bears trading there draft pick (2:24:38) all that and much more!!!! #sghpodcast #highnamicduo #highcast #jealousy #grapejelly #grapetruffles

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