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Ep 638 | Donald Trump Dominates Super Tuesday | MAGA Topples the Republican Party | Ep 638

podcast March 6, 2024

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After January 6, Donald Trump’s political career was dead. Fast forward to Super Tuesday, and Trump is the last man standing and the presumptive Republican candidate for 2024. Jason says this is proof that the “Make America Great Again” movement has destroyed the establishment GOP and argues it’s time to go scorched-earth and burn its remnants to the ground. “Drop the name and rebrand as MAGA. I’m serious. What you call yourself matters. It sets a tone. Make ’em all bend their knee to MAGA.” T.J. Moe joins “Fearless” to discuss Trump’s resurrection and the MAGA reformation. In Tennessee Harmony, Anthony Walker and Virgil Walker join Jason and T.J. to discuss the growing debate and confusion surrounding Christian nationalism and Pastor John MacArthur’s recent comments denouncing the idea. Plus, the panel reacts to anti-capitalist, millionaire documentarian Michael Moore’s statement that white Christians are the true enemy of Jewish people.

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