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EP 45: Responsibility of Womanhood ft: The Period Doctor

podcast November 8, 2023

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In this eye-opening episode of Not Just Another Sex podcast, join host Samia and her guest, Dr. Charis Chambers, MD, FACOG, as they explore the complexities of womanhood, sexuality, and self-care. From debunking misconceptions about teen contraception to discussing the stigma surrounding menstruation, this episode dives deep into topics often considered taboo. With enlightening conversations and practical advice, Dr. Charis provides listeners with a fresh perspective on women’s empowerment, breaking down societal norms and empowering listeners to embrace their bodies and make informed choices about their health.

[07:32] Twitter Talk- Over-the-Counter Birth Control 

 [15:50] Teen contraception misconceptions: Dr. Charis debunks common misconceptions about teen contraception.

[19:53] Challenges of PMS and emotional regulation, they also discuss what’s standard isnt what’s right 

 [35:00]Samia and Dr. Charis delve into the stigma surrounding menstruation, discussing societal norms and the negative impacts they can have.

[01:02:15] Embracing Your Body: Dr. Charis gives advice on body positivity, encouraging listeners to embrace their bodies and break free from societal expectations.

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