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EP. 37: Integrity With My Body FT. Allison Vogt

podcast September 13, 2023

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Ever think about how our childhood experiences shape our relationship with food and body image as adults? Alison Vogt, a certified personal trainer and dear friend, joins me to explore this intriguing question. We share personal stories and real-life experiences, discussing the pervasive societal issue of fat phobia, and how our personal traumas have influenced our perception of food, body image, and self-care. I promise you an enlightening conversation on the journey to personal growth and health. We discuss strategies for breaking bad habits, like binge eating, and how the concept of ‘gentle parenting’ can be applied to oneself to foster more balanced and healthier dietary habits.We stress the importance of holistic health and self-care. We reveal our unique motivation technique of using ‘sex music’ to help us stay fit. Plus, we discuss the idea of incorporating sex workouts into our routines and how it contributes to overall body strength and sexual performance. We wrap up by extending an invitation to you, our listeners, to engage in this journey of self-care and personal growth with us. Join us for a raw, honest, and inspiring chat on personal growth, body image, and health.

(11:37) – A candid discussion about the pervasive issue of fat phobia in society, its influence on our perception of health and beauty.

(20:42) – Diving into childhood food issues and how they impact adult habits. They explore the psychological connection between childhood experiences and adult eating habits.

(31:51) – An essential discussion on the importance of self-care and gentle discipline for physical and mental health. 

(41:31) – They talk about accepting post-baby bodies and the risks and realities of cosmetic procedures.

(47:46) – Conversation about the importance of holistic health and self-care. They share their unique strategy of using “sex music” for workout motivation and the importance of daily care.

(59:04) – They delve into the topic of sex workouts and how these unconventional routines can strengthen muscles not typically worked in the gym.

(1:02:30) – Discussion about the significance of finding a healthy and enjoyable exercise routine. They also talk about spiritual grounding and its role in physical and mental health.

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