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EP. 36: What Men Want ft. Some FINE black men

podcast September 6, 2023

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Get ready to decipher the wonders of adulting! This episode will empower you with first-hand insights from a dynamic quartet of men who’ve mastered the art of healthy relationships, self-care, and crafting their own happiness. We’re confident that you’ll gain a fresh perspective on communication, the distinction of male presence, and achieving a robust balance between being a provider and being present. Our guests – James, Caleb, Mac and Kelly – are not just men we admire, but also represent the kind of men we wish to raise our sons to be. James’ health-driven lifestyle, Caleb’s entrepreneurship supporting women, Mac’s appreciation for open communication and Kelly’s understanding of effective relationship dynamics, provide us with a beautiful spectrum of successful, gentlemanly behavior. From their experiences, you’ll learn that there are myriad ways men can triumph without compromising their values.Hear how our panelists prioritize their mental and physical health, ensuring they are better partners. So, sit down, relax, and let’s embark on this journey towards healthier, more fulfilling relationships together. You simply can’t afford to miss it!

(07:37) The panelists discuss the roles they play in women’s lives and the importance of showing respect and support. 

(11:24) A deep dive into understanding the different values men and women uphold and how these differences can impact relationships.

(17:03) The panelists share their thoughts on effective communication strategies in relationships, highlighting the importance of understanding and respect.

(30:46) -Discussion on the importance of maintaining one’s individuality and practicing self-care in relationships.

(40:40) A discussion on how understanding gender differences in communication can lead to healthier and more fulfilling relationships.


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IG: @Miabuggzy


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Mac – @talk2mac_therapist 

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Caleb – @Calebseales – Caleb

Kelly –   @kbonds1906 


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