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Society & Culture

Ep 340 | Black People Forced Deion Sanders to Leave Jackson State | Comedian Steve Byrne

podcast December 6, 2022

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Black people would rather beg than build. This is the lesson we have learned from Deion Sanders’ relocation from Jackson, Mississippi, to Boulder, Colorado. “Life rewards builders and exploits beggars. Deion Sanders is not a beggar. But he’s not a builder, either. He’s a mercenary for hire, serially auctioning himself to the highest bidder and committed builder. He reflects a culture designed and maintained by builders and globalists. There is nothing wrong with mercenary work. The right builders can hire the right mercenaries to erect and protect institutions that properly edify the masses. Deion has proven that. He left Jackson State for Colorado because we (black people) lack the resolve to build our own. We’d rather beg for diversity, inclusion, and equity at white institutions than determine our own success at black institutions.” Comedian Steve Byrne joins “Fearless,” bringing a comedic twist and an exciting announcement for his new special, “Steve Byrne: The Last Late Night,” exclusively on Amazon Prime. “Fearless” brings in Delano Squires, the smartest man on the show, to weigh in on Deion Sanders’ decision to leave Jackson State behind. “Fearless” ends the show with Steve Kim and Steve Byrne bringing double the Korean trouble and fearless NFL takes.


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