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Ep. 227 – Government Contracts with Eric Coffie

podcast January 9, 2022

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Teaching everyday people how to win extraordinary contracts is the mantra that guides all that Eric does.

Tapping into government contracts is a sustainable industry with lots of growth.

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Eric Coffie is the host of Govcon Giants, the #1 YouTube channel and podcast teaching federal procurement aka government contracting. His students are winning contracts every day around the world and are growing their micro-businesses into small businesses. Taking one person startup LLC’s and landing them 6-figure contracts with the U.S. government. He has helped hundreds of companies get registered and understand the world of federal contracting winning contracts with organizations such as FEMA, VA, DHS, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Navy, Air Force, DLA, Dept. of State, and more.

For his ongoing challenge, Eric would like to help 200 companies achieve $5 million in revenue netting for a $1 Billion economic impact. Videos from his YouTube channel have been translated into both Spanish and Russian with viewers watching from 91 countries around the world. The Top 10 viewer countries of his content include United States, Venezuela, Kuwait, Canada, Dominican Republic, Japan, United Kingdom, Afghanistan, South Africa, and the Netherlands in respective order. He is also a speaker with the U.S. Department of State. A program that sends experts from the United States to consult with foreign audiences of a variety of topics.


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“It’s more than money…invest in yourself and others to create channels to help people globally. Sometimes you have to spend your time and money in the beginning to reach the level of success and FAME you want.” – Eric Coffie

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