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EP. 17: Good Things Come From Pleasure Ft. Shelah Marie

podcast April 26, 2023

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We are back with another amazing episode! Samia has the amazing Shelah Marie on the show! Y’all know her as the founder of the Curly Conscious Movement & The Unruly Retreat and author of “A Positive You.” We’re diving deep into topics from gaslighting to trauma to manifest masturbating as a couple, we cover it all!

Here are some of the highlights:

(2:35) People tell me no all the time, and that’s OK! 

(3:57) After having a baby, Shelah helped Samia regain her confidence and find her inner power. 

(4:42)Today’s Adult Tip of the Day: Stop Gaslighting yourself and start believing in yourself. 

(8:35) Black women gaslight themselves the most and it’s time to stop. 

(15:43) Do all women have a little gay in them? 

(19:40) Does the Bi-romantic vs Bi-sexuality conversation perpetuate misogyny? (Tweet

(28:35) Shelah shares her trauma and how she’s worked through it. 

(32:49) Samia opens up about her trauma to Shelah and references the back story, which is detailed in  Episode 1

(37:18) They discuss alternative healing methods as an alternative to religion. 

(43:57) Samia explains EMDR and they share their experiences with it. 

(52:28) There are other options for therapy, such as using scuba diving as a therapeutic session. 

(57:21) Astrology is a language – if you don’t “believe,” just say you don’t speak it. 

(1:01:16) Shelah shares a scene from her past life regression session, which was a powerful and transformative experience. 

(1:06:00)In today’s Spiritual Tip of the Day, they discuss masturbation and manifestation as a couple and how Shelah used it for goal setting.  

Refer to Ep. 6, for the Natal Chart explained in the Spiritual Tip of the Day 

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IG: @Miabuggzy


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@theshelahmarie (instagram) 

UNRULY Retreat with Shelah Marie 



Dr. Rahmani was on Red Table Talk discussing the difference between gaslighting and lying. 

Episode with Kirah 


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