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Asexuality: You Can(‘t) Go Without Sexual Attraction

podcast March 14, 2023

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There is nothing wrong with not desiring sex. Some people, like today’s guest Kara Brady, are asexual—meaning they have little or no interest in sexual contact with others. We discuss, 

  • how being on the ace spectrum impacted her relationships, 
  • feeling like something was wrong with her for not enjoying sex, 
  • choosing to come out to family and friends, 
  • feeling empowered by labels and micro-labels, 
  • the theory that Wednesday Adams may be asexual, 
  • fear of being different, and 
  • her belief that it is possible to still build meaningful relationships without sex. 

The Reframe 

We reframed the limiting belief “I can’t go without sexual attraction” to “I can build and experience very meaningful relationships, even without sex, because sex is not essential for everyone.”

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