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Albums of the Year 2021 + MVP, Songs and Verse of the Year (Part Two) | Ep. 122

podcast January 9, 2022

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The Crate 808 crew get together to break down their five favourite records from a stellar 2021 in their Patreon livestream 🍿 Also on the menu: honourable mentions, Verse of the Year, Songs of the Year and our shout for 2021’s MVP 👑


Part One: https://youtu.be/K8xPD6NVlC8

Part Two: https://youtu.be/fBeC46dOdnk


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Show Notes:


  • Kam No.3 – A Martyr’s Reward by Ka (00:00)
  • Ray No.2 – Blacklight by Apollo Brown and Stalley (10:22)
  • James No.2 – Dialogue by Ol’ Burger Beats and Vuyo (15:28)
  • Kam No.2 – Haram by Armand Hammer (20:23)
  • Ray No.1 – CHOMP 2 by Russ (31:23)
  • James No.1 – Call Me if You Get Lost by Tyler the Creator (44:44)
  • Kam No.1 – Pray for Haiti by Mach-Hommy (51:00)
  • Honourable mentions ft. Lukah, Evidence, Injury Reserve, JPEGMAFIA, Madlib, DJ Muggs (1:01:40)
  • Verse of the Year ft. Chika, Lauryn Hill, Andre 3000, Dave, RJ Payne, Mach-Hommy, Billy Woods, Cambatta, KXNG Crooked (1:03:40)
  • Songs of the Year (1:15:13)
  • MVP of the Year: Jadakiss (1:20:15)


Crate 808 Songs of the Year (Kam’s list)

  1. Stonefruit (Armand Hammer)
  2. Grape Soda (Wiki)
  3. The 26th Letter (Mach-Hommy)
  4. Vamoose (Zilla Rocca)
  5. Labou (Mach Hommy)
  6. Hot Water Tank (Boldy James + The Alchemist)
  7. Peach Cobbler (Navy Blue)
  8. Lori Saved Me (L’Orange)
  9. Lil Fade (Vince Staples)
  10. Tell Me Bout the Stars (Semiratruth)
  11. Hopprock (Madlib)
  12. Brickmile to Montana (Boldy James + The Alchemist ft. Benny the Butcher)
  13. Lost in Time (Park Jams) (Evidence)
  14. Menacing (Fat Ray)
  15. Nobles (The Alchemist + Earl Sweatshirt + Navy Blue)
  16. F Stands for Hampton (Curly Castro)
  17. Rollin Stone (Little Simz)
  18. Trim the Fat (Flee Lord + Roc Marciano ft. Stove God Cooks)
  19. Margiela Split Toes (Westside Gunn ft. Mach-Hommy)
  20. Ammo/Pearl (Lukah)
  21. I’m A Instrument (Bruiser Wolf ft. Danny Brown)
  22. Hall of Fame (Tha God Fahim + Nicholas Craven)
  23. Flying Spirit (The Alchemist ft. Bruiser Brigade)
  24. Tombstone (Juga-Naut + Giallo Point)
  25. STFU and American Cheese (DJ Muggs + Hologram)
  26. Warm Dust (DJ Format)
  27. Early Exit (Lloyd Banks ft. Roc Marci)
  28. All I See is Wreck (Necessary People: Zilla Rocca, Curly Castro, PremRock)
  29. Prairie Burn (PremRock)
  30. Alarmed! (MIKE)


And just more artists that you need in your rotation:

  • Lukah ’s Why Look Up, God’s in the Mirror + When the Black Hand Touches You
  • Navy Blue’s Navy’s Reprise
  • Curly Castro’s Little Robert Hutton
  • Boldy James & The Alchemist’s Bo Jackson
  • Fat Ray’s Santa Barbara
  • Little Simz’s Sometimes I Might Be Introvert
  • Madlib’s Sound Ancestors
  • Zilla Rocca’s Vegas Vic
  • Evidence’s Unlearning: Vol 1
  • DJ Muggs’ American Cheese
  • Semiratruth’s I Got Bandz for the Moon Landing
  • H31R, Maassai and JWords’ Velocity
  • Giallo Point and Nowaah the Flood’s Right Over Left
  • Anklejohn’s As a Man Thinketh
  • SmooVth and Giallo Point’s Amongst Wolves
  • Asun Eastwood’s Prophecy is my Present
  • Bruiser Wolf’s Dope Game Stupid
  • Flee Lord’s Delgado
  • Cartel Madras’ The Serpent and the Tiger
  • Alchemist’s This Thing of Ours 2
  • Tanya Morgan’s Don & Von
  • YL’s Adaption
  • Elucid’s Dirtee Deacon (in TSO Pea)
  • MIKE’s Disco!
  • L’Orange’s The World is Still Chaos, But I Feel Better
  • DJ Format’s The Devil’s Workshop
  • Lloyd Banks’s The Course of the Inevitable
  • Th1rt3en’s A Magnificent Day For An Exorcism
  • PremRock, Droog, Lucky Seven, Mother Nature, Hus Kingpin, Fatboy Sharif, Sankofa, LESLEY SNYPES
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