After you see The Face, concerns change.

podcast January 26, 2024

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You stopped running. 

I see you.

The world is swirling around you,

but you’re still, 

you’re silent, 

you’re calm,

you’re Home,

we’re being Heaven on earth right now.

And our work is to continue to be that Heaven,

to continue to be (t)His Light,

His Face.

I see You everywhere.

And I love You. 

And I bless You. 

And I Am blessed by You. 

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“After you see the face, concerns change.” – Rumi

“To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.” – David Viscott

“The same way we are not created to rely on yesterday’s food and water for today’s physical nourishment, we cannot rely on yesterday’s time spent in prayer and the word for today’s spiritual nourishment. You must feast daily.” – @faithfulfootprints via IG

“…Prayer is our primary duty. Prayer is the reason why God has placed us on earth.  – Pere Jacques

“See the face that was my home. My loving says, I will let go of everything for that. My soul begins to keep rhythm, as if music were playing. Mv reason says, What do you call this cypress-energy that straightens what was bent double? All things change in this presence. Armenians and Turks no longer know which is which. Soul keeps unfolding inward. The body leaves the body. A wealth you cannot imagine flows through you.” – Rumi, The Big Red Book

“There is something here that is somehow a part of your calling, your mission in life. It’s glorifying God in your unique way. It won’t always be clear, but if you continue day after day to move according to His promptings, one day you’ll look back, amazed at how God used you to be a light in this world. What are you passionate about?”- Sister Mary Scholastica, O.C.D.

“If you’re looking for an escape today, run to Jesus. And you will no longer find yourself escaping but resting.”- Selah

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