Affirm: My life has shifted immensely.

podcast June 4, 2024

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Robert Adams says that you should start feeling the Silence as God. 

Say thank you to It.

Say, ‘thank you God’,

without saying ‘thank you, God’.

Just feel gratitude

Feel it strongly. 

Stir it, 

and then let it settle,

back into (t)His Gratitude that’s always here.

This quiet Gratitude, 

This quiet Love.

This quiet Conversation we are having.

Even when you exit this app,

I’m forever saying, ‘I love you’,

we are forever chatting.



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“Learn to love the silence. Treat the silence as a beautiful entity. As the divine mother, Shakti. The silence is all power. Never take the silence for granted. You should start feeling the silence as God. Feel good when you are in the silence. Up to now many of you have believed that silence is nothing. It is a divine nothingness. Remember it’s out of the silence that everything comes. When you return to the silence this is actually a self-surrender. You are surrendering your ego, your lifestyle, your karma, everything is surrendered to the silence. Remember never believe that silence is a waste of time. Just as we realize now space is really consciousness. There is no such thing as space. It appears to be space but it’s really consciousness. In the same way, the silence is consciousness. It’s a living entity. It’s alive, it’s reality. Therefore, sit in the silence and rejoice.” – Robert Adams 

The Hindu scriptures tell us that if for one night and one day, without a moment’s interruption, a devotee talks to God with intense devotion, He will respond.” – Paramahansa Yogananda

Repeat: “My past was riddled with outside influence. I depended on my circumstances to define my existence. But things have changed. Even if there’s heaviness around me, there’s self-sustaining peace within me. I move to the beat of my own energy because I own my energy. Im aware that my happiness, my peace, my successes are all inside jobs. I recognize that the subtle nuances in my environment are created by what I’m emitting. Not the other way around. My life has shifted immensely. I am eternally and undoubtedly grateful for this never ending transition.

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