331 – Decide Or Die

podcast May 5, 2022 4

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In this live episode from Mexico, the guys alongside Jemal “The 9 To 5 King Millionaire” discuss how to make the best decisions for the betterment of your life, relationships, an overall health.


“You can’t make demands if you not making decisions.”


16:20 – Getting far in life has lots to do with small decision making. Its often the ones that are uncomfortable that gets you further in life. Passing those types of test mold and shape you into a great leader while providing ultimate clarity.


22:50 – “Wealthy people make decisions.” -ET


31:50 – “There’s a decision in the decision.” Jemal talks about making a decision within your current situation. Being indecisive or inconsistent in actions produces unstableness & making unnecessary decisions.


52:30 – “Don’t get stuck between making two decisions. People will quit on you when they sense your inability to make one.” – ET



  1. Know your role within the company or group that you’re in. That saves stress  and worry from the situation you’re in.
  2. What “ball” is constantly distracting you?
  3. Improve Your Decision Making
  4. Take Risk
  5. Make The Necessary Sacrifices


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