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210- How to Decrease Stress and Increase Self Care on Your Financial Freedom Journey w/ Aisha Moore

podcast April 14, 2021 1

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Is there room for error in your schedule? How often do you factor in self care? This week on the podcast, I have Aisha Moore, a fellow Journeyer, self care advocate and stress management expert. After struggling with anxiety, getting demoted at work, and dealing with a strained marriage, Aisha decided to get serious and intentional about her self care.

Aisha helps women move from overwhelm and stress to sustained success and healthy relationships. She shares that we often operate on autopilot and miss our body’s signals that we need to slow down. Missed signals turn into personal chaos, hurried energy, and physical ailments like nausea and headaches.

In the episode, Aisha shares the 8 components of holistic wellness that we can monitor and improve on throughout our lives. If you are constantly finding yourself with anxious energy and feeling overworked, tune in to this episode to hear how you can increase self care & prioritize wellness while on the journey to Financial Freedom.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How you can get more intentional about your self care
  • What signals our body sends when we are stressed
  • The 8 components of holistic wellness
  • The meaning of bedtime revenge and how to stop it and much more…

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