207- Surviving and Thriving as a Small Black Owned Business in a Pre & Post Pandemic World

podcast March 31, 2021 1

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I am honored to bring you this week’s special episode featuring powerful stories of small Black business owners.  Earlier this year, School of Thought, a creative agency, and one of it’s long-standing clients, Milliman, hosted a conference that brought together business leaders to discuss the obstacles Black entrepreneurs faced in the pandemic. They wanted to present their conference attendees with a short but impactful mini-podcast episode that captured what it’s like to be a Black entrepreneur in one of the most challenging economic environments we’ve ever seen.

I was asked to interview over 9 dynamic entrepreneurs and experts for this project in what amounted to over 540 minutes of audio. The final result is a powerful 25 minute podcast that beautifully captures the real issues facing Black small businesses.

In the episode, you’ll hear the entrepreneurs & experts share their experiences and the solutions that need to be implemented, so that Black small businesses can survive and thrive in a post-pandemic world.

The episode was; written, edited and produced by School of Thought. Find more of their work at

The episode featured the following businesses/experts:

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